Coming soon: March 19- 21: Dr. Jeffrey Zhonxue Mah

Dr. Jeffrey Zhonxue Mah obtained his Ph.D. degree from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and his Master’s degree from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He received his medical training from the medical school of Qinghai University.

Dr. Jeffrey Zhonxue Mah is the founder of Xin Jing Fang Xue Pai (Scholars’ Group on New Classical Prescriptions). In his knowledge, the classical prescriptions should not only be limited to the prescription of Shan Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases) and Jin Gui Yao Lue (Synopsis of Golden Chamber), but should also include Wen Bing (epidemic febrile disease) and other historical classical. He has trained more than 300 students on the four aspects of classical prescriptions, and has also trained them to practice Chinese medicine more amiable and more confident. Based on his teaching experience, he wrote a book, the New Classical Prescription System, which became a formal textbook of University of Herbal Medicine for PhD. Degree program in California.

Dr. Mah specializes in TCM oncology, treating patients with new classical prescriptions. He is also the project Leader of Consotherapy: meaning consolidation therapy. This enables Chinese herbal formulas to fit into the Western Scientific Model. Dr. Mah is the author of Second Chance: Approaching Chinese Medicine against Cancer, a monograph of Consotherapy, which has been published. Dr. Linda Wang, PhD of Berkeley University translated it into English in three years. It is going to be a formal textbook for the Doctorate degree of Consotherapy at the University of Herbal Medicine.

Dr. Mah is the project Leader and inventor of the Grand System of World Traditional Medicine: The purpose of the research project was to collect the whole knowledge of global folk medicine. More than a thousand of experienced doctors in Chinese medicine had joined the team. Dr. Jeffrey Mah was the leader. A series of twenty-six books, “The Grand System of World Traditional Medicine,” will be published. Currently, eight of them had been published by the top authority publisher in China, China Science Academy Science Press. Those books are used as formal textbooks and reference in the University of Herbal Medicine.

Dr. Mah currently serves as the Vice President of the Branch of Cancer External Therapy of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and the Vice President of Branch of GutuoTherapy of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.