Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

CNS Degenerative Diseases and TCM Nov 22– 25, 2019 Chong He MD (China), MS, Ph.D.

CNS Degenerative Diseases and TCM   Nov 22– 25, 2019   Chong He MD (China), MS, Ph.D.
Dr. Chong He graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese medicine with bachelor, master’s and Ph.D. degrees. He also had post-doctoral training from the Department of Pharmaceutics Science, University of Sciences in Philadelphia. He had research and work experience in Germany and UK as well. Dr. He has extensive experiences in teaching and practicing Chinese medicine. He specializes in treating chronic neurological diseases with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Currently Dr. He has his own practice in Ft. Lauderdale area and teaches in Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.
CNS degenerative diseases are series of neurological diseases. They are mostly incurable diseases in the world yet, however are notorious in bringing rise to extreme poor living quality to their victims. Currently, alternative medicine still plays important role in dealing with these diseases. In this course, Dr. He will show the students how to do diagnosis and treat CNS degenerative diseases in the way of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The course includes:
• General introduction of neurological diagnosis.
• Central nervous system exam and diagnosis.
• Introduction to CNS degeneration diseases in TCM view.
• Discussion on Parkinson’s disease, diagnosis, treatment, case study and comment.
• Discussion on MS, its diagnosis, treatment, case study and comment.
• Discussion on ALS, diagnosis, treatment, case study and comment.