DAOM TCM Gastroenterology August 25 – 28, 2017

DAOM TCM Gastroenterology August 25 – 28, 2017
Haihe Tian MD (China), MS, Ph.D.
Dr. Haihe Tian graduated from Beijing University of Chinese medicine with bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees. His doctoral advisor, Dr. Dong Jian Hua, was a well-known TCM master who specialized in the treatment of warm diseases (Wen Bing) using “light medicines to treat acute diseases”, “softening the hard”, using sweet and warming medicines or sweet and cooling medicines and emphasizing on Yin tonification. Dr. Tian started to practice and teach acupuncture in America since 1997. He has treated over 100 thousand patients in China and in America. He specializes in treating gastroenterologic, geriatric, allergic and immune diseases.
Dr. Tian had served as Board member of American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM), the largest national Acupuncture association, committee of herbal medicine; Academic dean, clinical Director and professor of TCM school in Tampa bay; National certified CNT instructor; CCAOM (TCM schools association) committee member of Doctoral program, herbal medicine, core courses and CNT; ACAOM (TCM schools accreditation) site visitor; Acupuncture Today new TCM books reviewer. He had published 60 professional papers and 20 medical books as an author or co-author. He also has offered over 300 times CEU seminars at national and state levels’ conferences. He is the president of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine American Alumni Association (BUCMAAA), the president of TCM American Alumni Alliance (TCMAAA).
Gastroenterological diseases are very common in the clinics. Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide good results for these diseases. Even it has more advantages than that of western medicine. Dr. Tian’s course is composed of four major parts : 1) a general introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the G.I. system and TCM treatment. 2) Professor Dong Jian Hua’s valuable clinical experience I G.I. 3) Images of G.I. 4) Abdominal physical exam. Plus actually clinical cases studies also will be included.
Course Objectives:
1. To introduce the basic anatomy and physiology of G.I.
2. To familiarize students with the diagnostic methods and differentiation of the related symptoms.
3. To teach the common terminology used in Western Medicine as well as in TCM.
4. To teach the students how to do diagnosis and treat the common diseases in the department of Gastroenterology.
5. To teach the students how to use acupuncture and herbs for the related treatments.