DAOM TCM Oncology

July 20-23, 2018 Hailei Zhao MD (China), Ph.D. MS

Dr. Hailei Zhao was graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) in 1998. After graduation, he has completed the residency and worked as a TCM physician specialized in the treatment on digestive cancers in Longhua Hospital, SHUTCM. Dr. Zhao has also obtained a Ph.D. in the field of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine from the same university and a master’s degree in public administration from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Zhao has served the SHUTCM as the associate dean of academic affairs and clinical training. He acted as the deputy dean of International Education College in SHUTCM since 2012. His research interests include the integration of TCM into conventional medicine, the mechanism of treatment on digestive cancer by TCM. He specializes in the treatment of gastroenterological cancer, including gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, and pancreatic cancer. Since December, 2016, he has acted as the associate director of Confucius Institute, Augusta University, U.S.A.

In his lecture, Dr. Zhao introduces basic knowledge of TCM oncology including its history, understanding in causes of cancer, common manifestation, TCM diagnostics, treatment principle on cancer, etc. During the course, TCM interventions for common cancer such as the colon and rectal cancers, gastric cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer will be introduced. In addition, the basic knowledge and development on cancer treatment in western medicine will also be discussed.