Differentiation and Treatment of Exogenous Diseases April 20-23, 2018

Youchang Hu MD (China)
Dr. Youchang Hu graduated from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine in 1983 and continued his Graduate study in the same university in the field of Shang Han Lun. He has rich experience in practice Chinese medicine from both China and the US. He also teaches Chinese medicine in Florida College of Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Hu’s lecture will focus on exogenous diseases in Chinese medicine. Wen Bing theory in clinical practice and research is the foundation of the differentiation and treatment of exogenous diseases. It is the bridge between theories and clinical practice. This course is composed of three major parts: 1) foundations of differentiation patterns and instituting treatment; 2) the clinical applications of classic formulas; 3) the formation and development of Wen Bing theory.