Emperor’s Internal Classics (Huang Di Nei Jing) February 22-25, 2019 Di Fu MD/Ph.D. (China)

Emperor’s Internal Classics (Huang Di Nei Jing)
February 22-25, 2019
Di Fu MD/Ph.D. (China)
Dr. Di Fu is professor and vice president of the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. He received his medical training from Heilongjiang University of TCM and obtained master degree in clinical oriental medicine from Eastern College of TCM and doctoral degree in medicine from Heilongjiang University of TCM. He has extensive teaching experiences in both China and the US. He taught CME courses on acupuncture in the University of Miami, School of Medicine. Dr. Fu also published numerous books and research papers in acupuncture and oriental medicine.
This course introduces general pathogenesis in occurrence of diseases, general ways to keep healthy, and general principles in the treatment of diseases, which are set up in Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics (Huang Di Nei Jing) and closely related to proper application of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. This course also discusses the physiology, etiology and pathology in ancient TCM perspective, by applying the established knowledge base to the “actual practice”. The emphasis is on how Huang Di Nei Jing theories center around the Yun Qi, or cosmic Qi activities.
Students successfully completing this course will obtain a more systematic way of analyzing clinical cases, making practical use of 5Y6Q theories. Students are expected to master translating a given date into 5Y6Q system, determining the affected triangles, analyzing the pathological nature, and designing and/or selecting the suitable treatment per 5Y6Q.