Essentials of Medical Acupuncture November 17-20, 2017

Guan-Yuan Jin, MD (China) , L.Ac
Dr. Guan Yuan Jin is a well-known scholar in the field of medical acupuncture. He graduated from Zhejiang Medical University, China, in 1983, where he later taught physiology and engaged in numerous researches on acupuncture. After coming to the US in the late 1980’s, Dr. Jin finished a post-doctoral fellowship in radiology at Medical College of Wisconsin and practiced acupuncture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since then. With over 50 years of rich clinical and research experiences in both Chinese and Western medicine, Dr. Jin has taught around the world about his theory of “Acu-Reflex Point Acupuncture”, system medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. He has also authored and co-authored numerous academic books and research articles.
By exploring critical challenges committed in acupuncture clinic and clarifying the scientific essence (Reflex Zones) of the meridians, Dr. Jin’s course will introduce a novel theory of “Acu-Reflex Point Acupuncture – ARPA”, analyze the strategies and present detailed techniques in treating tough cases with various indications of acupuncture to maximize the effectiveness.
Objectives of the course include:
• To introduce the scientific basis of acupuncture therapy including main therapeutic functions and mechanisms of acupuncture.
• To teach students with an novel theory of medical acupuncture: Acu-Reflex Point (ARP) Acupuncture (ARPA) and distribution rules of ARPs.
• To teach students the essentials of electric acupuncture in the clinic to treat common diseases.
• To familiarize students with therapeutic strategies and techniques for somatic, visceral, and central disorders applying ARPA.
• To help students raise the overall clinical efficacy of acupuncture in treating tough cases.