Holistic Perspective to Autism Spectrum Disorders July 14-17, 2017

Harry Hong MD (China), Ph.D. MS, L.Ac.

Dr. Harry Hong was originally trained as a medical doctor in Beijing University of Chinese medicine. He finished residency in Peking Union Hospital in Beijing China before coming to the States where he received his M.S. degree in molecular biology from the University of Idaho and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Medical College of Ohio. He also received IRTA fellowship from the National Institute of Health and did research there on osteoarthritis. He also studied asthma in the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Since 1998, Dr. Hong has practiced holistic medicine in Chicago area and south Florida. With his unique background of both Chinese medicine and Western medicine, Dr. Hong provides a one-of-the-kind holistic program to address immune dysfunction and energy imbalance. He specializes in treating sensitivity related illness, allergy, asthma, autism and autoimmune diseases with integrative therapies including electrodermal testing, allergy desensitization, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and nutritional supplementation. Dr. Hong also teaches doctoral level courses in Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine since 2003 and has published a few research papers in professional journals about integrative studies on Chinese medicine and Western medicine.
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) has increased over the past several decades. Inflammatory autoimmune response plays a major role in the pathogenesis for this condition. Dr. Hong’s course updates the current research on neuroendocrine control of the immune response and neuroinflammatory process and introduces a holistic perspective to the pathophysiology for the condition. It also teaches students how to treat ASD children with a combination of natural therapies including Chinese medicine, homeopathy, modern energy medicine and nutritional supplementation.
Course Objectives:
• To familiarize students with autism spectrum disorders, its symptoms, possible causes, diagnosis and prognosis
• To review current biomedical research on neuroendocrine control of inflammatory immune response, the possible cause for ASD
• To teach common terminology used in both Western medicine and Chinese medicine to diagnose and treat ASD and related illnesses
• To introduce a variety of techniques to test and diagnose ASD related conditions
• To teach students how to treat ASD with different natural modalities such as Chinese medicine, homeopathy, modern energetic medicine and nutritional supplementation