Integrative Neuro-acupuncture February 21–24, 2020

Sanhua Leng PT, DPT, CMP, L. AC

Dr. Sanhua Leng graduated from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with his degree of Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and received his Master of Chinese Medicine degree from Tongji Medical College in China. He also obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy in Dominican College in New York. Dr. Leng has been practicing acupuncture and physical therapy in New York since 2012. He has published numerous books and articles on his theory of counter stimulation therapy for pain syndrome, and lectured nationwide on integrative neuro-acupuncture.

Dr. Leng’s lecture incorporates neurology knowledge into acupuncture, enhances students’ understanding of dynamic acupoint concept, meridian concept (C nerve network model), and promotes students’ palpation skills (five bodies palpation technique, acupoints Ben-Biao match technique) and acupoint determination with position adjusting techniques. Treatments of pain syndromes, stroke, multiple Sclerosis, Bell’s Palsy are to be discussed and demonstrated with neuro-acupuncture concepts.

Upon the completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the acupoints and meridians in traditional acupuncture by using neurology knowledge;
  2. Understanding the phenomenon of De Qi, Fire-Mountain, Cold-Inducing Acu-therapy with neurology knowledge.
  3. Master Five bodies palpation techniques to precisely determine acupoint’s locations in specific patient in time efficient way;
  4. Master Biao-Ben matching techniques to determine distal acupoints in specific patient in time efficient way;
  5. Apply the above knowledge to the management of pain syndromes, stroke, Bell’s palsy, Multiple Sclerosis.