News Release : Doctoral Program Agreement Between Shanghai University International Education College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

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The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (“ATOM”) and the International Education College of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“IECSHUTCM”), a top-ranked China-based TCM university, signed an articulation agreement on November 4, 2015 providing eligible students in ATOM’s DAOM program with a unique opportunity to pursue IECSHUTCM’s Ph.D. program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Students attending ATOM’s DAOM program now have the option of achieving the highest level of TCM training recognized in China, the Ph.D. degree.  Following completion of 2-academic years of study in the DAOM program, eligible DAOM students will stand as candidates for an additional one-year of rigorous study in both the US and in Shanghai, including completion and defense of a dissertation required for the award of IECSHUTCM’s Ph.D. degree.

According to IECSHUTCM’s press release “The program will mainly target doctoral students in the US, who have finished their first two years of Ph.D. study at ATOM, and offer them a one-year research opportunity at SHUTCM.”   Under the agreement, ATOM students would be required to declare their intent to pursue IESHUTCM’s doctoral degree program at the time of DAOM program enrollment.
ATOM’s DAOM Director, Fu Di stated “IECSHUTCM entered into this agreement following a careful review of ATOM’s DAOM curriculum and determined that the modules offered in ATOM’s DAOM program satisfy a substantial portion of the curriculum requirements for IESHUTCM Ph.D. program.  We are honored that our DAOM program is so well designed that IESHUTCM determined that it meets the high standards for doctoral education expected by this highly esteemed University in China.”

IECSHUTCM’s teaching and clinical faculty will train doctoral students at ATOM’s campus in Fort Lauderdale, and Ph.D. program candidates will also be expected to complete a portion of their studies at IECSHUTCM in Shanghai, China.

“Today’s articulation agreement creates extremely valuable education opportunities for ATOM DAOM students,” said Johanna Chu-Yen, ATOM’s President.  “We at ATOM have been working to create seamless education pathways for our students to pursue the highest level of training in the field of TCM for the benefit of their patients, and this pact is another very important step toward that goal.  We are honored to work with Shanghai University of TCM, an institution that shares the Atlantic Institute’s vision for quality TCM education and training.”

The Vice Chair of ATOM’s Board of Directors agrees.  “Our agreement will take first tier acupuncture and Oriental medicine education into the new Millennium. While acupuncture, as a component of Oriental medicine, has ancient roots, which have evolved over thousands of years focusing on correcting disharmonies and functional disturbances in the body, western medicine stresses the treatment of symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery.  Twenty-first Century patients are increasingly seeking treatment for their medical conditions in the most efficient, efficacious and cost-effective ways.   Doctoral programs, such as those offered by ATOM and IECSHUTCM, that effectively meld Eastern and Western Medicine provides the best of both worlds, ensuring that both approaches will be pursued in the care of patients. This agreement constitutes a milestone on that path.”

Licensed practitioners who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are encouraged to contact Allyson Wilson, DAOM at 954-763-9840, Ext. 230;

The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine was founded as a school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994.  ATOM is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and offers both a Master’s in Oriental Medicine and a post-graduate Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (“DAOM”) program.
The Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“SHUTCM”) is a University of TCM approved by the China Ministry of Education.   The University has eighteen subsidiary colleges and departments, three directly affiliated hospitals, four indirectly affiliated hospitals, twenty two subsidiary research institutes, fifteen research centers, and one healthcare-education-research consortium consisting of nineteen TCM institutions in Shanghai.  SHUTCM has a reputation for being among the most respected TCM Universities in the world. The International Education College in the University (IECSHUTCM) is the college in this university responsible for the training of international students and practitioners.

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