Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Agreement

Students are required to complete an enrollment form each year before attending classes.  The agreement states the cost of tuition and payment schedules.

Schedule of Fees

One-time fees:  
Application Fee (MA Program) – US Residents $20.00
Application Fee (DAOM) – US Residents $50.00
Application Fee – International Students $100.00
Registration Fee (Due upon Enrollment) $120.00
Security Deposit $1,000.00
Per Year: $1,000.00
Annual Tuition* $15,000.00
Malpractice Insurance $225.00
Uniforms and Supplies per year (approx) $500.00
Books per year (approximately) $500.00

*Tuition rates and reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, each year.  City Parking $75 each month is not included in the tuition.                                            

Supplemental Fees

Re-Examination/Make-up Test Fee  $25.00
Challenge Exam Fee $75.00
Late Tuition Payment Fee ($25 plus 2% each month on overdue balance)
Graduation Fee $150.00
Materials Fee (handouts & Printing Fees 3 years) $150.00
Transcript Copies $10.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Diploma Copies $25.00
Replacement Student ID Card $15.00

Payment Schedule

The Application Processing Fee is due with the initial application. This fee is non-refundable even if the applicant is not accepted into the Institute or decides to withdraw his/her application before beginning studies.

Students pay tuition as stipulated in their Enrollment Agreement.  Each academic year’s financial obligations must be satisfied before a student may begin another year of study.

Tuition costs are subject to change by written notice at least thirty (30) calendar days before the beginning of each school session.  

Diplomas and transcripts will not be issued until all debts to the Institute have been paid. Tuition Prepayment Scholarship for DAOM Students: ATOM will accept prepayments of tuition at a discounted rate of up to 10% based on the tuition in effect upon matriculation for students and faculty of accredited acupuncture and Oriental medicine programs that meet the Tuition Prepayment Scholarship eligibility criteria.   DAOM students who prepay 1 year of tuition and meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to a 5% discount; students who prepay 2 years of tuition shall be eligible for a 10% tuition discount.  This prepayment option does not apply to charges other than tuition.  Non-tuition related charges are payable when billed Scholarship participants are subject to future cost increases on such charges.

Eligibility Criteria: Students not receiving Title IV or private financial aid who remain in compliance with all ATOM policies on satisfactory academic progress are eligible to participate in the ATOM Tuition Prepayment Scholarship.

Payment Date: ATOM must receive your payment for the total prepaid tuition prior to the start of the initial term in the program.

Tuition Discount:  Prepaid tuition shall be credited to the student’s account.  If the student complies with ATOM’s policy on satisfactory educational progress in the first term, the student shall qualify to receive the tuition scholarship discount provided for under this policy.  Students who fail to maintain compliance with ATOM policies on satisfactory academic progress shall be responsible for the entire tuition amount.

Refunds:  In the event a student receiving the scholarship withdraws, or otherwise leaves ATOM, during a term, the refund for that term will be calculated in accordance with ATOM’s regular refund policy.   All refunds are subject to ATOM’s right of offset for charges due ATOM other than in connection with tuition.