TCM Cardiology March 22 – 25, 2019 Mei Xian Jiang MD (China)

Dr. Mei Xian Jiang graduated from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine in 1982 and continued her study in the university with a Master’s degree in Chinese medicine. She started to work in the Department of Cardiology in Shanghai Shu Guang Hospital since 1986 and currently is a senior professor of Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and chief physician of the Shu Guang Hospital.
Dr. Jiang is specialized in the integration traditional Chinese and Western medicine in cardiology, including TCM treatment of chronic heart failure, coronary heart diseases (angina pectoris, post myocardial infection), premature beat and hypertension etc. She also researched and published in professional journals in the field of TCM cardiology.
Dr. Jiang’s course introduces the theory and therapeutics of TCM in preventing and treating the heart diseases. It sums up the knowledge about TCM pathogenesis of heart disease for thousands of years, and the experiences in treating the heart diseases. The course is divided into three parts: 1) The knowledge about physiology and pathology of the circulatory system; 2) The etiology and pathogenesis (TCM) of heart disease and syndromes, and the commonly used treatment principles and prescription as well; 3) The therapeutics of TCM for common cardiovascular diseases, and several clinical trials about appraising clinical efficacy to prove the advantages of TCM in treating heart disease.