TCM Immunology (Sub-Optimal Health – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) August 19-22, 2016 Tianfang Wang MD (China), Ph.D.

Dr. Tianfang Wang is one of the leading TCM researchers and educators in China. She received her MD (China), MS and Ph.D. degrees all from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and had more than 30 years of practice, research and teaching experience in Chinese medicine. Dr. Wang is currently the director of the Department of TCM Diagnostics, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Tianfang Wang’s main research interests in TCM include 1) clinical and experimental studies of standardization of symptoms and syndromes; 2) pathophysiological basis of symptoms and syndromes; and 3) pathogenesis and clinical prevention and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, sub-health diseases, women-disease and psychiatric disease. Over the past 20 years she has led many research projects supported by the university, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Chinese government funding. Dr. Wang has published hundreds of research papers and books in the field of Chinese medicine.

Being a professor and doctorial adviser, Dr. Wang has taught numerous courses in both Chinese and English in the field of TCM diagnostics, syndrome differentiation and Chinese herbal medicine. She has also supervised more than 80 master, Ph.D. and postdoctoral students on experimental and clinical study of Chinese medicine.

Dr. Tianfang Wang has also seen patients regularly at affiliated hospitals and clinics of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Her clinical practice focuses primarily on internal medicine with special expertise in Sub-optimal health state, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychiatric diseases such as depression and anxiety, sleep disorders and gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea, infertility, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome.

Dr. Tianfang Wang’s course, Sub-Optimal Health – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, teaches students with 1) the introduction to the sub-optimal health state and chronic fatigue syndrome in both West and Chinese medicine perspective; 2) the diagnosis and treatment of some commonly seen sub-optimal health states including fatigue, sleep and emotional problems in both West and Chinese medicine. The research of the intervention effect of Chinese medicine on fatigue-predominant sub-health (A randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical study and a cohort study) and the basic classification of body constitution will also be included in the course.

The course objectives include

  • To introduce the basic knowledge of sub-optimal health, body constitution, chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • To familiarize students with the differential diagnosis of sub-optimal health and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • To teach the students how to do diagnosis (including the pattern identification) and treat the commonly seen sub-optimal health states (fatigue, sleep and emotional problems) and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • To teach the students how to use herbs for the related treatments.

Dr. Tianfang Wang’s lecture introduces up-to-date research activities and teaching standard in Chinese TCM universities. Her knowledge and experiences in Chinese medicine benefit American students in both clinical practice and scientific research.


Student Testimonies

“Fantastic information with great attention to details and consideration of the research requirements for this program. Please bring her back. Thank you.”

“Once again great teacher. Thank you!”

“I really enjoy this class. Thank you!”