TCM Immunology/Oncology and Integrative Medicine May 19-22, 2017

Xiaodong Chen MD (China), Ph.D.

Dr. Xiaodong Chen is one of the leading TCM research scientists in China. He received his medical degree from Yangzhou University School of Medicine in 1986 and obtained a master degree in Chinese medicine from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine in 1993. He also had a Ph.D. from Fudan University School of Medicine in 1996. During 1997 and 2008, Dr. Chen had post-doctoral and research fellowship training from various institutions in China, Germany and the United States. From the year of 2008, he has served as professor of immunology, oncology and traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and director of Department of Cellular and Molecular Immunology in Tong Ji University.

Dr. Chen’s main research interests include 1) Immunology: clinical study on TCM treatment of autoimmune diseases, such as sleeping disorders, asthma and multiple sclerosis; 2) Oncology: clinical study on TCM treatment of cancer, such as lung cancer, blood cancer and melanoma; 3) Cellular and molecular biology: basic research on biological mechanisms of TCM therapies including herbal medicine, acupuncture and physical massage; 4) Globalization and modernization of TCM in both clinical practice and basic research.

Over the years of TCM research, Dr. Chen published numerus research papers and received many awards and research grants. In this course, Dr. Chen will teach basic theories of integrative medicine, the integrated Chinese medicine and western medicine, one of the unique disciplines in the field of medical science. It combines the basic theories, technological methods and clinical application of TCM, western medicine, and also modern biological sciences. This course is composed of four major parts:

  1. General introduction to the basic theories and research progresses of immunology, pharmacology, and integrative medicine;
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases;
  3. Basic research on biological mechanisms of traditional Chinese medicine therapies;
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of human cancer diseases with TCM theories and herbal formula.