TCM Pediatrics April 26-29, 2019 Yonghong Jiang MD (China)

TCM Pediatrics
April 26-29, 2019
Yonghong Jiang MD (China)
Dr. Yonghong Jiang received her medical training from Shandong University of Chinese Medicine. She also obtained a Master degree from Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and a Ph.D. from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. She has 20-year of experience in teaching and practicing pediatric Chinese medicine in China. Currently she is an associate professor in Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Jiang also had experience as visiting scholar in France, Germany and the United States.
Dr. Jiang’s primary specialty is pediatric pulmonary diseases, such as mycoplasma pneumonia, chronic cough, asthma, recurrent respiratory tract infections, as well as anorexia, sleep disorders, Tourette syndrome, enuresis, and so on. She also published research papers in professional journals.
Pediatrics is one of the major clinical specialties in the traditional Chinese Medicine. It is unique in theory, rich in the therapeutic methods and significant in the clinical curative effects. Dr. Jiang’s course is composed of three major parts: 1) summary of Pediatric Basis and Diagnostic Method; 2) TCM Treatment of Common Pediatric Diseases; 3) Common External Therapy. The students successfully completing this course will have acquired basic knowledge and diagnostic and methods related to pediatric as well as the ability to treat common pediatric diseases. Understand auricular points or Tuina therapy for common pediatric diseases.