TCM Pediatrics February 24-27, 2017 Jian Er Yu MD (China)

Dr. Jian Er Yu, graduated from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, currently serves as the director and professor of the Pediatric Institute of Shanghai Academy of Chinese Medicine. He is also the chief pediatrician in Shanghai Municipal Hospital of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Yu specializes in pediatrics of Chinese medicine and has led many research projects supported by Chinese government and national foundations. Dr. Yu has authored more than 50 research publications and compiled 3 textbooks as chief editor.

Pediatrics is one of the major clinical specialties in traditional Chinese Medicine. It is unique in theory, rich in the therapeutic methods and significant in the clinical curative effects. Dr. Yu’s course is composed of two major parts: 1) a general introduction to basic knowledge including physiological characteristics, diagnostic and therapeutic methods of Pediatrics of TCM; 2) the diagnosis and treatment of common and special diseases with TCM theory and methods.

The course objectives include

  • To introduce the physiological characteristics of pediatrics.
  • To familiarize students with the diagnostic methods and differentiation of syndromes.
  • To teach the common terminology used in Western Medicine as well as in TCM.
  • To teach students how to diagnose and treat the common diseases in pediatrics.
  • To teach the students how to use acupuncture and massage for the related diseases.